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“I think the critical difference between Engaging Minds and others in the marketplace is that there is nothing ‘off the shelf’ about their approach, it is context specific and not based on a pre-written database of strengths. They come fresh to each role they are to profile and they build the profile based on thorough investigation and observation, no corners are cut. You can be confident the resulting strengths profile is unique to the people you want to recruit. It’s not a cookie-cutter approach, it’s bespoke for your people.”

Katherine Fenton OBE, Chief Nurse, University College London Hospitals (UCLH)

10 reasons to choose Engaging Minds:

  1. We achieve outstanding results. The return on investment of our strengths-based recruitment work is clear to see. Click here for a glimpse of some of the savings, performance improvement and productivity gains experienced by some of our clients.
  2. Our methodologies blend rigour and humanity. Strengths profiling is an art as much as a science. Human beings are complex and they don’t fit neatly into pre-labelled categories. Our approach acknowledges that.
  3. Every single one of our clients is thrilled with the impact of our work and many have been amazed at how quickly it makes a difference. Most of our clients come through word-of-mouth recommendation and our relationships last for years. Click here to read some testimonials. Ask if you’d like to speak to any of our clients.
  4. We are real-world practitioners who know what it takes to make change work in real life. Yes we have psychologists on the team but what makes our work successful is our experienced people who have all had real jobs in a range of organisations. Nothing beats experience to help us empathise with you and your challenges.
  5. Our work is ALWAYS specific to your context. We get up-close to your people so we really understand what makes them tick. We don’t use pre-written databases or dictionaries of strengths. That is why our work is so effective – it’s bespoke not pre-cooked.
  6. Your key stake-holders buy in because they quickly see how we will solve their problems. The Engaging Minds approach is embraced by stakeholders at strategic and operational levels because it solves their problems and creates real positive change.
  7. Our approach is human and straightforward. We avoid jargon and consultant-speak. Everything we do is accessible and easy to understand.
  8. Our approach creates champions – the key to organisational transformation and sustainable change. We don’t consciously try to ‘sell’ or create champions but it always happens because people quickly see that our approach solves problems and makes sense to them. Creating champions is the holy grail of organisational change and, in our experience, it is relatively rare.
  9. We are excellent value for money. We know we’re not the cheapest on the market but we are a safe, well-regarded choice for organisations that want guaranteed results.
  10. The immediate gain from working with us is huge improvement in recruitment and development approaches. But, it’s the natural by-product that is the BIG prize – improved culture and organisational transformation.

Click here to read more about what we do, or call us now to find out more about any of our areas of expertise: strengths-based recruitment, development, career management, talent assessment, performance management, coaching, employee engagement and communications.
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