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Engaging Minds is the brainchild of Sally Bibb.

Sally’s passion for working with organisations to make them successful and inspiring places had already been the fuel for two organisational development consultancies and numerous projects when she decided to focus all her professional energy into her strengths work. Strengths-based recruitment and development brings extraordinary benefits to organisations and their people alike, and Sally was hearing success stories again and again from her clients.

A CEO told Sally, three months into a project, that her strengths work was transforming his business. An HR Director started sending text messages reporting amazing results. And a government department got wind of the work and wanted to know more. Virtually everyone who comes into contact with SBR sees the benefits quickly — staff turnover falling, productivity rising, sickness absence dropping and engagement shooting through the roof.

Sally realised she must take the strengths work to the widest possible audience, and so the Engaging Minds strengths-based consultancy was born. It’s as much a mission as a business. The mission?

To turn organisations into places that are hugely successful because they are full of passionate people doing what they love.

Everyone’s a winner. And the mission extends beyond organisations — Sally’s dream is to help people of all ages and in all walks of life to understand their strengths and what’s important to them so that they find work that they truly love and succeed at.

Clients frequently tell us that that we’re different from other consultants because of the results we achieve and the lengths that we go to support them and make the projects successful. We’re proud of that. We have specialist, up-to-date knowledge, many years practical experience and, just as important, we LOVE what we do.

Meet the other members of the Engaging Minds team:

Sally Bibb Founding Director Engaging Minds strengths-based consultancy

Sally Bibb

Ali Herdman Consultant Engaging Minds

Ali Herdman

Ali is a skilled facilitator and coach. She brings a wonderful sense of humour to her work and clients love her for the combination of her intelligent insight and down-to-earth, practical approach. Ali has over twenty-five years experience of people and organisation development in the UK and internationally. Before becoming a consultant she held senior HR and OD roles in the financial services sector including as Head of OD for a FTSE 100 company.

Ali has an MBA from Lancaster University Management School, is a graduate of the Advanced OD/HRM programme at Columbia University, New York and is a Member of the International Organisational Development Association. She is a qualified MBTI® practitioner and TMS user.

Debbie Whitaker Consultant Engaging Minds

Debbie Whitaker

Debbie is a seasoned strengths-based organisational practitioner. She is a strategic thinker who delivers practical and innovative people solutions with measurable business value. Her extensive HR experience encompasses multinational companies in diverse sectors, including Diageo and Standard Chartered Bank, where she led major HR activities and sustainability across EMEA, Asia and the Americas.

Debbie has a BA Honours degree from the London School of Economics and an MA in Human Resources. She is certified at levels A and B of the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the CIPD and the Chartered Management Institute. She is a regular contributor to articles and speaking platforms and a visiting professor for Nottingham University MBA programme.

David North Consultant Engaging Minds

David North

David is a seasoned organisational change consultant. He brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and insight to projects. And his approachable, empathic nature means he develops great relationships quickly. He has worked in talent management, leadership development, and organisational change for over thirty years. In his corporate career he has held senior roles the financial services sector and has worked in many parts of the world, including a five year assignment to the USA with a FTSE 100 company.

David has a B Soc Sci in Economic and Social History and an MA in Strategic Human Resource Development. He holds a post-graduate Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring Practice and is a qualified MBTI® practitioner.

Jan Abbey Consultant Engaging Minds

Jan Abbey

Jan’s knowledge, insight and empathy inspires people and organisations to be the best they can be. The combination of her consultancy, coaching, management and operational experience is powerful. It means she has great empathy and builds trust quickly. She helps people achieve their potential, improve their impact and effectiveness and increase their teams’ performance. Her multi-sector and international experience enables her to coach leaders and teams for the challenges that face global business today.

Jan has a BA Honours degree in business. She is a qualified coach. She is also accredited in the Schroder Leadership Competency Model and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument and is a qualified MBTI® practitioner.

Ali Croome Consultant Engaging Minds

Ali Croome

Ali is an empathic, caring and conscientious consultant who is constantly looking for ways to add extra value to our clients. She has a background in HR and consultancy. Before leaving the corporate world she held HR generalist and specialist roles in successful blue chip organisations. In her consultancy career she has worked in the UK, Europe, USA and in the Middle East on change, organisation, team and leadership development projects.

Ali has a BA Honours degree in French and German. She is a member of CIPD and BPS (instruments include the OPQ) and is accredited in the Schroder Leadership Competency Model, the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument. She is also a qualified MBTI® practitioner.

Andrew Jones Consultant Engaging Minds

Andrew Jones

Andrew has extensive experience as a facilitator, coach and leadership/management developer. He is a business psychologist, and specialist in strengths approaches to supporting leaders and organisations in managing the human and cultural side of change. He has worked with over 200 organisations in more than 30 countries, from small firms to some of the world’s leading multinationals. He is known for working with pace, energy and passion and is able to blend a deep knowledge of leadership development, facilitation and coaching with a pragmatic and engaging style. Supporting groups and individuals to be more effective is his natural habitat.

Andrew holds a BSc in Science, and a Masters degree in Change from Surrey University (personal, team and organisational change) and is a member of the International Association of Facilitators.

Deborah Vitai Consultant Engaging Minds

Deborah Vitai

Deborah has worked as a facilitator, course designer, assessor and coach for more than twenty years. She feels as excited about her work now as she did at the outset because her projects give her the opportunity to work with so many different people who are striving to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills. Deborah is as comfortable working with small family-run teams as she is within multinational corporations and enjoys working with board members and graduate recruits alike. Deborah’s consultancy work builds on the business experience she gained from varied roles in the retail and financial service sectors. Many of her professional relationships have lasted for decades.

Deborah’s BA Honours degree is in Arts and Social Sciences, she has worked with a number of psychometric tools and is a trained coach.

Mary Clarke Consultant Engaging Minds

Mary Clarke

Mary loves to work with people to help them to discover their potential. Her warmth, humour and curiosity makes her an inspiring facilitator and consultant. She has more than twenty-five years experience of organisational change, coaching and consultancy in the UK and around the world. Before becoming a consultant she held senior positions in the UK and Spain.

Mary has a BA Honours in languages and an MBA. She is a fluent Spanish speaker, trained coach and is qualified in a wide variety of psychometric instruments including MBTI®. She is an NLP and Transactional Analysis practitioner, and is a member of the CIPD.

Caroline Connor Consultant Engaging Minds

Caroline Connor

Caroline Connor has worked for ten years as a coach and facilitator. She enjoys working with groups and individuals at all levels to help them achieve their very best. Her warm approach and ability to partner with the organisations to achieve their goals has led clients to describe her as “our fifth Beatle”. Caroline held senior commercial positions within major UK magazine publishing houses where she led large teams. She uses her experience to help people she works with apply the tools and techniques they learn to maximum effect when they get back to their desk.

Caroline has a degree in Modern and Mediaeval Languages from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. She is accredited in the Schroder Leadership Competency Model, The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument and is an NLP practitioner.

Jo Dale Consultant Engaging Minds

Jo Dale

Jo is an accomplished coach and consultant and she loves to help others succeed. She has spent the last twenty-five years working with a broad range of national and international organisations in the public and private sectors. In all of her work she brings clarity and focus as well as a drive to help others to succeed. Her knowledge of how organisations and people tick makes her a versatile and insightful consultant. She has knowledge in many subjects ranging from positive psychology to unconscious bias in the workplace.

Jo has a BA in Modern Languages, and an MSc in Organisational Behaviour. She has an ICF recognised coaching qualification along with the license to use a number of psychometric tools.

Janet Dunkley PA Engaging Minds

Janet Dunkley
Personal Assistant

With over 30 years of secretarial and administrative experience behind her, Janet’s skills and strengths are crucial to the Engaging Minds team. She brings efficiency and organisation to the management of our work. Janet’s warmth and organisational flair coupled with her experience of managing projects and events adds an important dimension to the service we offer our clients.

Sophie Bird

Sophie Bird is our intern and brings so much to the team. It’s great to have a Gen Z perspective on things and she brings good and probing questions to whatever initiative she is working on. Sophie is currently studying English Literature and History at Lancaster University and has many interests outside of her studies including marketing, event management and sport.

Sophie is interested in people and what makes them tick so an internship at Engaging Minds seemed like the perfect choice. She has been involved in a number of initiatives since she started with us in January 2017. She says the most exciting has been helping with the launch of The Strengths Book at Foyles, Charing Cross Road in October!

We also have an extended team of great supporters and collaborators. They are all top notch in their respective fields. These are the people who we count on to help us succeed: Sally Blake, Mike Gibbons, Martin Gardner, Mark Irving, Andy Maslen, Kate Saunders, Chrissie Smith and Emily Tyers.

Photos of the Engaging Minds team on this page thanks to Martin Gardner

Contact us now to arrange a chat about what we can do for you.
email: hello@engagingminds.co.uk or tel: +44 (0) 207 998 3120


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