Watch people from organisations that have adopted strengths-based recruitment talk about why it works. Visit our YouTube channel for all our videos about the strengths approach to talent management.

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Read Sally Bibb’s new book, the first to be published on strengths-based recruitment and development. Available to BUY NOW; get a 20% discount by entering the code HRSBRW at the checkout when buying from the Kogan Page website..

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Find out how strengths-based recruitment is transforming organisations’ performance and culture. Download our FREE Thought Leadership Paper: Strengths-Based Recruitment.

SBR Thought Leadership Paper Engaging Minds

This Engaging Minds Thought Leadership Paper concisely details the proven business benefits of the strengths approach to recruitment. It quotes case studies from top companies like Starbucks, the AA, Saga and Standard Chartered Bank where strengths-based recruitment is transforming the bottom line by reducing costs and improving performance, leading to extraordinary results for business leaders.

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Get our research on the impact of SBR.

Welcome to the strengths revolution: an in-depth study of the benefits of strengths-based recruitment — it details the impact of SBR on five top companies. Download your free white paper summary of the results or contact us to buy the full 70-page report.

The free white paper summary contains an introduction to strengths-based recruitment and how it works, a summary of the findings of the research into the impact on five top companies and an SBR implementation guide.
Click here to download a PDF copy of the white paper.

The full printed report, price £195 contains the background to SBR, where it comes from and how it works. Plus the full findings of the in-depth study including benefits, lessons learnt, unexpected consequences and wider implications and implementation guide. The report also includes a model of the strengths-based organisation (SBO). If you’d like to buy the report, please email and we will be happy to help you.

Read six free articles from Engaging Minds.

The strengths-based recruitment FAQ Q&A factsheetStrengths-based Development FAQ Q&A factsheetStrengths-based Interviewing FAQ Q&A factsheet

How strengths-based recruitment transforms organisationsThe strength of strengths-based recruitmentStrengths-based recruitment an evidence-based approach

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Sally Bibb has written extensively on subjects like Generation Y, engagement, leadership, ethics and trust. Visit her author website for details of all her books.

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Listen to our audio clip of Sally Bibb, founding Director of Engaging Minds, being interviewed about strengths.

Sally Bibb interview about strengths-based recruitment

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