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Strengths-based Recruitment and Development: a Practical Guide to Transforming Talent Management Strategy for Business Results — the NEW book by Sally Bibb, founding Director of Engaging Minds.

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Sally Bibb’s latest book Strengths-based Recruitment and Development: A Practical Guide to Transforming Talent Management Strategy for Business Results is the first book to be published on this subject. It shows how shifting the focus from what people can do (competency-based recruitment), to what they are naturally good at, is having a transformational impact on performance in organisations like the NHS, Saga and Starbucks.

Full of real-life examples and case studies, the book demonstrates how this powerful new method is fast improving employee engagement, bottom-line results and customer satisfaction. Including rare testimonies from senior leaders who have implemented strengths-based recruitment, it gives invaluable insights into the strategic drivers and operational impact of this approach. Packed with practical tips and advice, the book covers everything you need to know about what strengths-based recruitment and development is, explains the benefits for both your business and your employees and shows how to implement this approach in your own organisation.

The book came out on Tuesday 3rd May 2016,  published by Kogan Page — buy it NOW! Kogan Page are offering an 20% discount to our website visitors — get it by entering the discount code HRSBRW at the checkout when buying from their website. The book is also available from Amazon worldwide.

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The book is evidence-based and includes:

  • interviews with 8 executive level leaders who have implemented strengths-based recruitment and development. It’s rare to get inside the heads of such people and understand their motivations and experience.
  • interviews with 6 managers who have implemented strengths-based recruitment, who give very practical insight and lessons learned.
  • interviews with 6 individuals about their experience of being a ‘square peg in a round hole’ and the contrast with being a ‘round peg in a round hole’ on their performance, engagement and well-being.

We are pleased to offer you a free PDF download of the full Contents pages from the book:

See the full contents pages of the book (Free PDF Download)

Praise for Sally Bibb’s Strengths-based Recruitment and Development

“Higher productivity is the key to rising living standards but it will not happen just by relying on new technology and skill training. It needs good personnel management to get the right people in the right jobs. Sally Bibb explains convincingly that traditional recruitment based on technical competence too often produces square pegs in round holes. Her advocacy of strengths-based recruitment, identifying what recruits actually want to do and how to liberate their strengths, is supported by evidence which I found compelling. Several NHS Trusts, Saga, the AA, Starbucks and others depend on their staff’s ability to deal well with patients or customers and this can only happen if staff are contented and highly motivated: all have successfully used the methodology described in the book.”
Vince Cable — former UK Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

Endorsements from HR and talent executives

“This is the most refreshing book I have read about recruiting and retaining talent. It encapsulates everything a leader needs in order to fully appreciate the value of strengths-based recruiting. With the millennial and centennial generations entering our workforce, we need, more than ever before, a step change in ensuring we embrace, nurture and challenge high-potential talent.”
Emy Rumble-Mettle — Director of Talent and Development, GroupM, a WPP Company
For an HR professional, this is a must-read. The strengths approach challenges the way many of us have thought about and done talent development and management for years. In this book, Sally Bibb puts that challenge to us in a compelling, practical and evidence-based way.”
Kristina T S Vestbø Vice President — People and Organization, Technology, Projects and Drilling, Statoil
“As a learning and development professional, I’m always looking for more effective ways of enhancing performance and improving productivity. This book provides compelling evidence as to why using a strengthsbased approach to recruitment and development helps to achieve this.”
Jo Kelly — Head of Executive Progression, John Lewis Partnership
“Strengths-based recruitment is rightly here to stay and any serious recruiter can no longer ignore the benefits. Sally Bibb is the preeminent expert and has given us an interesting, practical and inspiring guide to everything we need to know. This is the perfect guide for beginners and experts alike and gives you everything you need to know.”
James Darley — Executive Director, Graduate Recruitment, Teach First
“HR is besotted with the pursuit of the latest big idea, irrespective of the needs of the recipient organization and the veracity of the bought-in solution. Strengths-based recruitment is at the other end of the spectrum. It is based on analysis of needs and proven technologies, which unusually for “HR products” can generate substantial and tangible benefits. Sally Bibb’s book describes this brilliantly.”
Mike Haffenden — Founder of Corporate Research Forum and Strategic Dimensions
“A very powerful and impactful book with practical application for any organization compelled to create sustainable performance in the 21st century, beginning with the recruitment process! In a very crowded marketplace of academic approaches to the challenges of talent acquisition, this book captures precisely what is now demanded for successful recruitment and onboarding. A must-read for any HR practitioner who wants a seat at the strategic table!”
Charlie Walsh — President, HOPS International LLC, and Managing Director, International Center for Organizational and Leadership Excellence
“Sally Bibb has been a keen observer of the development of management talent throughout her career. She knows what works! Her superb knowledge is encapsulated in Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development. This book is a toolkit for managers and corporate coaches to motivate and get the best out of current and future employees. If you want to build a great team and make sure that your company is a winner, this is the book you need.”
Dr Karen Otazo — President, Global Leadership Network

Endorsements from CEOs and business executives

” “Go with your strengths!” How many times have I heard this advice and how often have I used the phrase in my own coaching of talent? Sally Bibb provides the means, the methods and the rationale for executives and organizations in her new book. She demonstrates successful strengths-based talent selection, development and management for the 21st century. Her advice is holistic, systematic, and both rational and practical. It’s hard to imagine leaders not following her approach and integrating it into their agendas.”
John Hofmeister — former President, Shell Oil Company, and former HR Director, Royal Dutch Shell
“Successful people are good at what they do. So why not build the talent in your organization by putting your people in positions they excel at, and give them jobs they enjoy doing? Strengths Based Recruitment and Development shows you how to do just this and how to avoid the common pitfalls that exist developing talent in many organizations today. Sally Bibb provides practical and real-life examples from organizations, both large and small, who have successfully implemented the approach. Superbly practical and accessible, this book takes you step by step through what you need to do to adopt this new approach, which is easy to implement and will significantly improve your bottom line. A mustread for business leaders, HR professionals and academics alike.”
David Buckley — Chairman, SIN Capital International Limited, and former CEO, Morgan Stanley Bank International Limited
“I found this book extremely interesting and, more importantly, useful and practical. Strengths-based talent management is becoming a critical tool when developing a team or organization which will both believe in and execute a strategy – not because they “have” to but because they “want” to. This makes for a truly high-performing and motivated team!”
Ian Carter — President, Global Development, Hilton Worldwide
“This book contains important lessons for anyone involved in recruiting and managing people across all sectors, at all levels, and in organizations of every size. Its messages resonate with my 35 years’ experience in retailing, healthcare, strategy consultancy across a wide range of industries, as an entrepreneur, on NHS boards and in the third sector. Great careers and great performance result from playing to strengths and ensuring you have “round pegs in round holes”. Sally Bibb explains what strengths-based talent management is all about, offers guidance on how to do it, and provides plenty of ammunition for leaders needing to persuade sceptical colleagues of the case for change.”
Tom Hayhoe — Chairman, West London Mental Health NHS Trust
“Recruiting the right staff can seem like a “dark art” at times but this excellent book will inspire you to undertake strengths-based recruitment in your organization. This book is an essential guide for all senior nursing and HR leaders who want to recruit the best using a tested and endorsed methodology. I can highly recommend it.”
Sarah Rushbrooke — Deputy Chief Nurse, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
“Sally Bibb has articulated the themes in strengths-based recruitment with such simplicity, clarity and conciseness in this book. This is definitely a must-read for the organizations looking to implement an understandable and effective strategy for their talent management and resourcing.”
Sam Kumar — Director of International Sales, Washington Post

Endorsements from academics

“This book is a must-read for anyone involved in talent management, in recruiting the next generation of managers. Making sure that we identify the personality of the candidate and of the role, and ensuring a good fit, is a strengths-based approach, but it is rarely done. This book highlights the how and why. . . excellent read.”
Professor Sir Cary L Cooper — CBE, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK, and President of the CIPD, the British Academy of Management, RELATE, and the Institute of Welfare
“With solid intellectual foundations in positive psychology, Sally Bibb’s Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development is a timely and welcome challenge to the current and outdated orthodoxies that bedevil how people in organizations are managed. Sally’s highly compelling book offers us a convincing case for how the strengths-based approach can make a positive difference and bring about meaningful change in organizations; moreover, with the aplomb of a highly skilled practitioner of the strengths-based approach herself, she shows us how we can all become more effective and fulfilled in our professional and personal lives.”
Eugene Sadler-Smith — Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Surrey Business School, University of Surrey, UK
“This book is thought provoking and inspirational. Strengths-based talent management has the potential to transform the recruitment and performance management of an organization. Sally Bibb’s new book shows us how to get it right – it describes a tried and tested approach that means we can know with more certainty that we are choosing a person who will not only be appropriate for their role but will be energized and motivated to do it well. The insights presented by leaders and senior managers into how strengths-based talent management has impacted on their organizations are eye-opening. If you want to make a profound change to the performance and wellbeing of your staff and organization, then this book is for you.”
Dame Jill Macleod Clark — DBE, PhD, RGN, FRCN, Emeritus Professor and former Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton, UK
“Imagine the competitive advantage that your organization would enjoy if you could maximize the potential of all your staff. In this book Sally Bibb makes the business case for applying strengths-based practice in the workplace. This book is the first of its kind to provide evidence-based guidance, insightful case studies and practical tools, tips and strategies to make strengths-based recruitment and development work for your organization. Are you ready to join the strengths-based revolution?”
Bridget Grenville-Cleave — MAPP, MBA, FCCA, Positive Psychology Consultant, Workmad Ltd, and Visiting Lecturer at the University of East London, UK, Anglia Ruskin University, UK, and Masaryk University, Czech Republic
“Whether you’re looking to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business or you’re an ambitious graduate looking for a job that’s the right fit, Sally Bibb’s book makes compelling reading.”
Susan Debnam — Visiting Lecturer, CASS Business School, City University London, UK
sally bibb strengths book launch foyles london may 2016

Sally Bibb at the book launch, Foyles, Charing Cross Road, London. May 2016.
Read the book launch speech in Sally’s blog post: Win hearts and minds with strengths
Images of the launch with thanks to Martin Gardner

BUY the book with a 20% discount from Kogan Page
BUY the book from
BUY the book from

Sally’s new book is out NOW. It makes the revolutionary strengths approach available to EVERYONE – if you want (or want to help someone else to have) a happier and more fulfilling life or career, take a look!


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