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Strengths-based recruitment and strengths-based development

We identify the ‘DNA’ of the great performers your organisation needs. Then we show you how to attract, recruit, lead and develop them. This is your opportunity to select the best talent, save money, turbo-charge employee engagement and get ahead of the competition. We are the strengths experts. Here’s what we do.

We use our unique strengths approach to support you to identify, recruit, lead and develop your people.

strengths-based recruitment

We identify the ‘DNA’ of your great performers and help you attract and select more of them.

Our unique profiling methodology allows us to identify the strengths of your great performers, the associated job advertisement means that you attract the right people and our strengths-based interviewing approach means that you select people who will perform well and thrive in the job.

Here are ten transformational benefits that clients like the AA, Morrisons, the NHS, Saga and Starbucks have experienced because they hired us to implement strengths-based recruitment:

1. Improvement in performance through having the right people in the job
2. Increased engagement because people are happier leads to…
3. Increased customer satisfaction
4. Improvement in organisation’s reputation through candidate advocacy
5. Less time and money wasted in recruiting people who don’t stay
6. Less need for costly training and development that ‘fixes’ weaknesses
7. Reduced frustration of having to deal with ‘square pegs in round holes’
8. Improved rigour and efficiency of recruitment process
9. Rejected candidates understand and accept why the job is not for them
10. Lasting culture and mind-set

The quantitative and qualitative results speak for themselves. Our in-depth study into the benefits of strengths-based recruitment in five top organisations (download free summary white paper, click here) clearly demonstrates the value and return-on-investment that strengths-based recruitment creates.

We take full account of your unique context and recognise that one size does not fit all. We talk to your people, your managers and sometimes your customers too to understand what ‘great’ means in your business, so that you always attract and retain the best people. The result? You have people that you know are exactly right for the job and will produce the results you need. They are highly engaged and your culture is much more positive.

Having the right people in the right job is the key ingredient for success. We achieve that for you with our strengths-based approach to recruitment.

strengths-based leadership development

We develop your leaders by maximising their strengths.

There is no template for great leadership, but there is evidence that people who clearly understand and play to their strengths perform better and are more motivated than those who focus on minimising their weaknesses.

We know that people perform best when they are doing what they are good at and they love doing. Everyone has weaknesses but the thrust of strengths-based development IS NOT about trying to get someone to be good at something they will never be good at. It IS about helping people understand their strengths and how to make the most of them to enhance their performance.

Our unique Strengthsmatch Leadership Strengths Assessment (click here for full details) is a self-assessment and developmental tool. It forms the basis of our leadership workshop and the tailored programmes that we run for clients. It works brilliantly for existing and aspiring leaders and enables them to:

  • Uncover their own strengths
  • Develop their strengths and manage their weaknesses
  • Maintain momentum for their own development because they feel enthusiastic, motivated and responsible
  • Think about their performance and development in a way that energises them and boosts their performance

This is a new and fresh way to develop your leaders and to help them develop others.

Our Leadership Strengths Workshop is a one day workshop that:

  • Uses the Strengthsmatch Leadership Strengths Self-Assessment Tool as a diagnostic that leads to a clear and motivating development plan
  • Teaches the all important tool that all leaders need and many struggle with – how to have an engaging performance conversation
  • Shows leaders how to leverage their own strengths to improve their performance, motivate and manage others

We can tailor this workshop to meet your specific needs.

People tell us that they love the approach, find it refreshing and inspiring and that they put what they learn into practice on a day-to-day basis.

Click here to read what Samantha Rockey of SABMiller says about our leadership development work and our innovative approach to virtual leadership development.

strengths-based development (and our unique Strengthsmatch Strengths Assessment tool)

We transform the employee development experience with our fresh and motivating strengths-based approach.

Have you found that in performance review meetings you have the same conversation year after year with some employees? The same weaknesses or, ‘development gaps’ are discussed. But nothing seems to change. With a strengths-based approach this doesn’t happen because the focus is on leveraging strengths. Weaknesses are not ignored. But fixing them does not contribute to ‘great’, only to ‘good enough’. Excellent performance comes when people play to their strengths as much as possible. In order to do that they need to know what their strengths are in the first place.

Our unique Strengthsmatch Strengths Assessment is a workbook that results in people understanding their strengths in detail. They uncover their unused strengths, they understand what happens when they overdo their strengths and, last but not least, they are able to mitigate their weaknesses. The output is a specific and motivating development plan. Strengthsmatch works brilliantly for graduates and others to:

  • Understand their own strengths as the source of their best performance
  • Give them the wherewithal and desire to be responsible for their own development
  • Energise them in a way that improves their performance quickly
  • Discover how to manage their overdone strengths and mitigate their weakness
  • Make them feel very motivated and engaged

This new approach to development is exciting and refreshing. People love it and it releases in them a lot of positive energy that can result in great work.

Strengthsmatch can be used as a stand-alone tool or as part of an existing coaching or development programme. The tool is normally used in one of two ways. Managers ask employees to complete it in preparation for their performance review, and it then forms the basis of the conversation. Or it is incorporated into an existing development programme.

“The Engaging Minds Strengthsmatch tool is a fantastic way to help people to consciously understand what they really enjoy doing, what they’re really naturally good at, and what they would thrive on in future. The tool effectively makes people think about what makes work fulfilling for them and draws out untapped potential. I think these kinds of insights are of huge value to managers and team leaders as they seek to effectively steer the work of their teams, improve their staff’s welfare and promote a culture of high motivation.” Simon Coote ― Head of Energy Industries and Innovation, Scottish Government

If you would like to give a boost to your approach to development, Engaging Minds Strengthsmatch could be for you. Join some of the most respected organisations like the AA, SABMiller and Standard Chartered Bank and experience the benefits of strengths-based development.

strengths-based career development

We bring you a fresh, effective approach to career development.

The Engaging Minds career planning approach is a new and practical way of equipping individuals and motivating them to manage their career development. It incorporates a powerful Career Planner Workbook that forms the core of a one-day workshop and that becomes an ongoing support and touch-stone.

The approach includes diagnostics and reflective tools wrapped up in the Workbook that leaves people clear about their goals and how they can go about achieving them. Participants identify their strengths and discover what motivates them at work. They become enthused and inspired to take a proactive approach to managing their own career.

This approach punches above its weight in that the up-front workshop is engaging and gives strong ‘something-in-it-for-me’ motivators. And, importantly, they have the Career Planner Workbook as an ongoing resource to support them and keep them motivated. It’s not a one-off intervention that easily gets forgotten in the day-to-day busy-ness of work! People leave with deep insight, a belief that they can take charge of their own career and excitement about their own development and learning.

The Engaging Minds Career Planner approach gives your people the motivation to manage their own careers, believe that they can and have clear, realistic goals and strategies.

strengths-based talent assessment and succession planning

We help you ascertain the strengths of your different groups of talent, help you to make the most of their strengths profile and create meaningful succession plans.

Engaging Minds uses a strengths-based approach to assessing talent for potential and progression, using our Strengthsmatch Self Assessment. It is based on the notion that people will be a good natural fit for some roles and not others. The Engaging Minds approach to talent assessment:

  • Involves the individuals themselves in a self-assessment process
  • Creates a seamless connection between the outcomes of the assessment and the specifics of the individual’s development needs
  • Provides valuable insight for the organisation’s succession plan

Some clients have told us that they want more individual involvement and buy-in to talent assessment. They are dissatisfied with the established method of ‘doing-unto’ people which rarely creates solid engagement with the process in the long-term.

Our approach involves individuals and gives them ownership from the outset. It helps them to take an objective, clear and rigorous look at themselves – the resulting insights are deep and useful in the real world and drive development activities that really do hone capabilities and improve performance.

strengths-based performance management

We help you to understand and make the most of everyone’s strengths and move away from trying to make people good all-rounders.

Really effective performance management occurs when you have deep insight into a person’s strengths. The strengths-based performance management conversation mainly focuses on how they can bring their strengths to bear in more and better ways and how they can manage around their weaknesses. This approach is a mind-set shift for managers who have been trained in a ‘fill the gaps’ approach to performance management.

Engaging Minds shifts this thinking and gives managers and leaders a new approach and tools to manage their people in much more effective ways. Our Strengths-based Performance Management Workshop and Strengths Assessment gives managers the wherewithal to have engaging and meaningful conversations that make a difference to the people they manage and to the organisation. The workshop is suitable for established managers as well as new ones and can be adapted to suit your specific needs.


We coach your people in ways which result in performance improvement and high engagement.

As coaches we use our strengths-assessment tools to help people to identify their strengths and use them to full effect. We work on the basis that superior performance occurs when people understand and leverage their strengths. Great performers spend more time on that and less trying to fix their weaknesses.

We work face-to-face and online, and our proven approach gets results fast, saves you time, money and effort. Coachees find it liberating and energising and discover that they are able to develop much faster by focusing on their strengths. They feel positive and motivated to make changes that they didn’t when their focus was on fixing weaknesses. They report that this method of coaching is challenging, effective, rewarding and gives them a model for coaching their own people.

communications and engagement

We help you to communicate in engaging ways that reflect the strengths-based approach.

Communications and engagement are closely connected. The way we communicate has a big effect on how engaging we are. That is why at Engaging Minds we pay a lot of attention, in all our client work, to what we communicate and how we do it.

In a world dominated by cold corporate speak and jargon, warm and engaging communications stand out. As well as working hard on the style, look and feel of all our client work we also provide specific consultancy services to clients who want to improve their written communications. This can transform the way current and potential employees engage with you.

We invest in your future with the Flourish careers guide for young people.
We’ve used our strengths expertise to develop a practical tool for young people to help them identify their strengths and work that they will love. Through our strengths-based work in organisations, we’ve seen the massive positive impact it makes when people are in a job that’s just right for them. Some people end up finding such a job by accident. Others never discover what they really want to do. We want to change that by helping young people discover the right path for them early. Then they will thrive in their work, which will be great for them and the organisations they work for. Click to visit the Flourish careers guide website to learn more.

Call us now to find out more about any of our areas of expertise: strengths-based recruitment, development, career management, talent assessment, performance management, coaching, employee engagement and communications.
email: hello@engagingminds.co.uk or tel: +44 (0) 207 998 3120


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