I ran a poll on Facebook recently. I asked people whether they were in, or had ever been in, a job that was the wrong fit for them. Most people answered, YES.

92% said they have been in the wrong job or are currently in the wrong job.

Only 8% said they have never been in the wrong job.

What about you…

Have you ever been in the wrong job?

What was that like?

Have you ever sat in your appraisal, year after year, being given the same feedback on what you need to improve – despite your best efforts, the same topic keeps coming up?

Maybe you were offered training or coaching, but that didn’t help much.

The thing is, you’ll never be fulfilled by trying to fix your weaknesses. You’ll only be fulfilled by knowing and using your strengths.

Imagine what would have happened if Manchester United had tried to turn David Beckham into a defender instead of focusing on and capitalising on the innate ‘super strengths’ that made him a natural, world-class striker?

Being in the wrong job is a miserable experience – for you, and for your loved ones who watch you suffer.

One of the reasons I wrote The Strengths Book was to help people to discover their strengths and find work they love. If you’ve had a chance to read it, I’d love to know what you think. Find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, say hello, and tell me.

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Sally BibbDirector, Engaging Minds
Sally Bibb is the author of Strengths-based Recruitment and Development: A Practical Guide to Transforming Talent Management Strategy for Business Results and The Strengths Book: Discover How to Be Fulfilled in Your Work and in Life, and is a leading strengths expert.