Strengths-based talent management


The result of strengths-based talent management is an engaged workforce of people doing jobs they love, giving excellent service.

Our approach to strengths-based talent management

Good talent management simply means that you have the right number and type of people to deliver your strategy, and that you lead and develop them so that they stay motivated and performing excellently.

Experience tells us that there are three key determinants of an effective talent management strategy:

  1. Keeping it as simple and clear as possible
  2. Thinking about the employee’s overall experience as well as the organisation’s needs
  3. Making sure people understand and are genuinely excited by it

We work with our clients to devise and deliver strengths-based talent management strategy. Depending on their needs we help with some or all of the following: employer brand, recruitment and selection, development and performance management, leadership, engagement, diversity and inclusion, career management and succession.

We apply our strengths approaches to all of these to deliver lasting culture change that affects what happens on the outside as well as on the inside.

When an organisation has a strengths-based approach to talent management, it shines through in their customer service!

Watch people from organisations that have already adopted strengths-based talent management share advice for those considering doing the same, in our 2 minute #strengths film.

Or watch the video on YouTube.

Successful people are good at what they do. So why not build the talent in your organization by putting your people in positions they excel at, and give them jobs they enjoy doing?”
David Buckley — Chairman, SIN Capital International Limited, and former CEO, Morgan Stanley Bank International Limited

Strengths-based talent management is becoming a critical tool when developing a team or organization which will both believe in and execute a strategy – not because they “have” to but because they “want” to. This makes for a truly high-performing and motivated team!”
Ian Carter — President, Global Development, Hilton Worldwide

Sally Bibb has been a keen observer of the development of management talent throughout her career. She knows what works! Her superb knowledge is encapsulated in [her book] Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development. This book is a toolkit for managers and corporate coaches to motivate and get the best out of current and future employees. If you want to build a great team and make sure that your company is a winner, this is the book you need.”
Dr Karen Otazo — President, Global Leadership Network

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Connect with us.
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