Strengths-based diversity and inclusion


The result of strengths-based diversity and inclusion is a culture where people, whoever they are, feel included and able to bring all their talents to bear.

Our approach to strengths-based diversity and inclusion

Do you struggle to take ‘diversity and inclusion’ from being an esoteric concept to a practical way of finding the best people and bringing out the best in them? You’re not alone. Our clients have struggled with this too. With a strengths approach we address this question, and many others:

How on earth can you be confident in reaching your diversity targets?

How do you increase the diversity of your workforce?

How do you connect with hard-to-reach talent pools?

How can you guarantee that your selection process is bringing you the best possible candidates?

How can you guard against unconscious bias and make sure your recruitment and development approaches are fair?

When you take a strengths approach to selection – whether it be for strengths-based recruitment or strengths-based development – diversity takes care of itself. Why? Because you are seeing each person for who they are irrespective of their gender, ethnic background, age or any other factor that can lead to unconscious (or conscious) bias.

If you care about getting the right person for the job, irrespective of age, gender, socio-economic background or ethnic origin, or you are simply keen to make sure you have diversity of thought in your organisation, switch to strengths.

The result is, not just diversity targets being reached, but a culture where people, whoever they are, feel included and able to bring all their talents to bear.

Watch people from organisations that have already implemented strengths-based recruitment explain how it helps with diversity, in our 3 minute #strengths film.

Or watch the video on YouTube.

The strengths-orientated work we’ve undertaken with Engaging Minds has undoubtedly helped many of our people to convert high-level diversity and inclusion concepts into a personal understanding of ‘WHAT’ their own strengths are — and ‘WHY’. This has often included reflection on aspects of their own personal ‘diversity’ which have in turn provided the foundation stones for some of their most significant strengths. From their enhanced personal understanding of their ‘What’ and the ‘Why’, their resulting growth in confidence, engagement and impact has been wonderful to see.”
Iain Wilkie — Senior Partner EY

Engaging Minds have helped us build confidence and recognition that a strengths-based approach can really make a difference to the performance of an organisation. It is at the heart of our future leaders programme and has transformed the diversity of this group. Engaging Minds are thoughtful and engaging, they use an approach that makes great sense and delivers results. They talk in plain English. They do what they promise to do when they promise to do it. I’m shortly to leave Ofcom to become the HRD at another organisation. I’m planning to take Engaging Minds with me to share their brilliant work.”
Sarah Keyes — Director of Organisational Change, Ofcom

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