Strengths-based development


The result of strengths-based development is high performing and motivated people, and confident managers who know how to get the best from their teams.

Our approach to strengths-based development

Managers who are struggling to manage, support and motivate their people love the strengths-based development approach. It is practical, simple to do and very engaging for all concerned. Employees become energised and actually want to take responsibility for their own development, and they know how to! This is what makes most of our clients switch to a strengths approach.

Others simply want a fresh, more engaging and effective approach to performance management.

When clients ask what is the best practice performance management approach we point them to strengths. At the heart of the approach are good strengths-based performance conversations, followed by supporting people to develop their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses. They see the impact at all levels of an organisation and at all stages in a person’s career.

Excellent performance comes from a person understanding, consciously using and developing their strengths as well as mitigating their weaknesses. Strengths-based development goes hand-in-hand with performance management because a manager can learn how to manage and develop a person in order to leverage their strengths.

Our strengths-based development approach is simple: we use our Strengthsmatch™ strengths diagnostics tool to allow people to discover their strengths, and we teach them, and their managers, how to use their strengths to best effect on a day to day basis and also how to develop those strengths.

Even the cynics love this approach.

The result is high performing and motivated people and confident managers who know how to get the best from their teams.

Engaging Minds delivered a programme for our technical teams to allow us to understand our individual and team strengths. For us this was an interesting exercise since the technical teams were more used to specific technical training. The programme exceeded our expectations in term of benefits to the team. It really opened their eyes to how they can maximise their collective strengths. The exercise has contributed to an increase in effectiveness and improvements in staff engagement.”
Carl Martin — Chief Technology Officer, The Collinson Group Ltd

Engaging Minds’ learning design focuses on the sweet spot between academic rigour and practical application – the end-to-end design is always robust and focuses precisely on the required skills and behaviour needed. Their delivery is equally impressive – experienced facilitators and coaches ensure that learning transfer takes place effectively.”
Samantha Rockey — Group Leadership Development Executive, SABMiller

With the Olympics fast approaching we needed help to raise our game in terms of our customer service culture. Engaging Minds quickly got to the nub of the issues and worked with us to create a strategy and plan to deliver ‘Monte Carlo’ level service. The end result was a highly motivated team, an extremely high level of customer service and a fabulous legacy for Weymouth! It was pleasure to work with Engaging Minds — they are a breath of fresh of air and their work is outstanding.”
Captain Peter Mole — Harbour Master, Weymouth Harbour Authority

The Engaging Minds Strengthsmatch™ tool is a fantastic way to help people consciously understand what they really enjoy doing, what they are naturally good at and what they would thrive on in the future. These insights are of huge value to leaders aiming to promote a culture of high engagement.”
Simon Coote — Head of Energy Industries and Innovation, Scottish Government

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