Strengths-based career development


The result of strengths-based career development is happier people who are making choices that are right for them and feel genuine ownership for their careers.

Our approach to strengths-based career development

How do you give meaningful careers support to your people that meets both their needs and the organisation’s needs?

How do managers have good career conversations with their people?

How do you help your employees to take genuine ownership for their career and feel motivated to move it in a direction that’s right for them?

These are common questions and ones that we tackle with our strengths-based career development approach.

We help our clients to provide motivating and effective career development strategy. This can include setting up running strengths-based career development workshops, creating a strengths-based career service, providing strengths-based career coaching and teaching in-house people to become strengths careers coaches.

Our strengths-based approach to career development centres around the idea that, in order to make good career choices, people first need to really understand themselves – their strengths, values and deeper motivations. We start with our Strengthsmatch™ reflective diagnostic tool. This gives a person deep and individualised insight into themselves and what makes them thrive. It also helps them to become more resilient and able to make or adapt to change because they can see how their strengths can translate into different roles, or indeed, if it’s right for them to move on, in different organisations.

People who understand their strengths find it much easier to make career decisions. And when they feel ownership like that they report higher levels of satisfaction, confidence and engagement.

The result is happier people who are making choices that are right for them and feel genuine ownership for their careers.

This is a very forward thinking approach to career management. It incorporates latest thinking as well as a practical approach. The result has been an engaged group of people who are taking ownership of their own careers.”
Client project sponsor — A Leading Global Bank

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