Strengths-based recruitment


The result of strengths-based recruitment is people who love what they do, are great at it and give superb customer service.

Our approach to strengths-based recruitment

High staff turnover (and resultant cost), inefficient operations, inadequate customer service or poor performance. These are the typical problems we tackle with our approach to strengths-based recruitment and selection. Having the right talent means you can be a high performing organisation.

That’s why we start by strengths profiling your top performers in a given role. We discover what strengths, values and motivations your exemplars have in common. In other words, we work out what ‘great’ looks like. This insight is essential if you are to attract and select the right people.

Then we use our approach, tailored to your context, so that you attract more of the right candidates (and fewer of the wrong ones), conduct rigorous and motivating strengths-based interviews, select the right people and onboard them so they perform well and stay.

At Engaging Minds we have different strengths-based assessment methodologies for different challenges and contexts. Some of our clients want to introduce strengths-based recruitment into their entire organisation. Some want to start with the most important roles. Some have a problem with a high volume of applicants. Others have created a new role and want to know how to go about finding the right people. Others are in a fast changing situation and need to future-proof their recruitment. And many of our clients see that strengths-based recruitment results in a more diverse workforce.

There is no one-size fits all. That’s why we tailor our approach to fit your requirements.

The result is being able to attract and recruit people who love what they do, are great at it and give superb customer service.

Watch people from organisations that have already implemented strengths-based recruitment explain how it benefits organisations, in our 3 minute #strengths film.

Or watch the video on YouTube.

We commissioned Engaging Minds to introduce a strengths-based approach to selection for a group of senior legal roles. The experience was overwhelmingly positive. I was impressed with their very thorough, rigorous and professional approach and their willingness and ability to work to a very tight timescale. The quality of the selection approach was undoubtedly improved as a consequence of this work and all stakeholders bought into this very new (to us) way of appointing people. In short, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the work of Engaging Minds.”
Tom Ring — Deputy Director | Legal Operations, Courts and Tribunals Development Directorate, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS)

We worked with Engaging Minds when they developed strengths-based recruitment for ten hospitals within the NHS. I was quickly impressed with both the product and the team. They take time to thoroughly understand the people and the service they work with, making the outputs truly insightfulEngaging Minds’ successful methodology is applicable in so many contexts, with results that speak for themselves.”
Kay Fawcett — Chief Nurse, University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

We worked with Engaging Minds to introduce strengths-based recruitment into Morrisons. The project has made a real difference to our business and our ability to recruit the right people for us. If you want to make a project work contact Engaging Minds. Their approach, methodology and support is second to noneThey are 100% committed, genuinely care and get great results. It has been a real pleasure working with them.”
Melissa McClure — Retail Resourcing Manager, Morrisons

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Connect with us.
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