Strengths-based leadership


The result of strengths-based leadership is high performing and motivated people and confident managers who know how to get the best from their teams.

Our approach to strengths-based leadership

It’s human nature to look for problems first and to try to fix things. When leaders do this to their people though, it’s not motivating and it doesn’t lead to great performance. In contrast, when a leader discovers their own strengths and learn how to become a strengths-based leader it’s like a light bulb going on.

It’s an approach that gets the best out of people by putting the emphasis on what they are good at and energised by.

We have a simple approach that even the most seasoned managers respond to. We start with our Leadership Strengthsmatch™ strengths diagnostic tool that allows leaders and managers to discover and apply their own strengths. The outcome is a clear understanding of how they use and develop their own strengths to increase their leadership effectiveness.

Then we teach them a simple approach to strengths-based leadership.

They experience for themselves how a strengths-based approach to leadership differs from more traditional ways.

Our practical workshop approach is punchy and motivating and some individual strengths coaching means that leaders end up with a strengths-based development plan that will unlock the door to consciously using their strengths and maximising their performance as a strengths-based leader.

They love it because it is practical, motivating for all concerned and it works!

As Peter Drucker, the management writer said, “The effective executive makes strengths productive. He knows that one cannot build on weakness.”

The result is motivated and engaged people who are performing at their best and receiving excellent support.

If you can, do the strengths-based leadership workshop – it will open your eyes to what is a much better and more enjoyable way to manage. It will motivate you as well as your people!”
Charlotte Henderson — Customer Service Operations Manager, Worldpay”

The Engaging Minds Strengthsmatch™ tool is a fantastic way to help people consciously understand what they really enjoy doing, what they are naturally good at and what they would thrive on in the future. These insights are of huge value to leaders aiming to promote a culture of high engagement.”
Simon Coote — Head of Energy Industries and Innovation, Scottish Government

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Connect with us.
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