Engaging Minds sponsored The FIRM (Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers) event in Manchester this week. You’re reading the first blog post in a series inspired by presentations and conversations from the day.

“The war on talent is over… the candidates won”

Rachel Dalboth, from the FIRM, closed the day with this quote (above, from Paul Maxin of Max Intalent) along with some striking statistics.

If I were an in-house recruiter, these would be my three big take-aways:

ONE: 73% of employers report a skills shortage in their industry[1]


TWO: Only 19% of companies run proactive attraction campaigns[2]


THREE: Only 9% say recruitment is a source of competitive advantage[3]

The call to action, I believe, is to make sure you know what kind of people you need, now and in the future, and create a solid attraction and selection strategy to make sure you achieve it. Talent shortages can only worsen with Brexit.

It’s striking that there is no selection method that comes close to being as effective as strengths-based selection (you only have to Google ‘strengths-based selection’ and see what comes up) yet only 17% of respondents of The FIRM’s survey say they use strengths-based selection.

Sources:  [1] World Economic Forum; [2] The FIRM Annual Membership Survey (393 respondents); [3] The FIRM Annual Membership Survey (393 respondents)

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