“this workshop has shown me the way”

The objective

Our client, a major global bank, wanted an innovative and practical workshop to support their people with their career management. Their goals were to:

  • Help key employees to understand how to think about, take responsibility for, and manage their own careers
  • Support them in a way that benefits both the individual and the organisation
  • Help them to create their own career plan
  • Create a workshop that leaves them feeling committed, enthusiastic and focused

What we did

Our team of career coaches partnered with the client to design a career management workshop. We designed it having consulted with potential participants as well as the internal talent specialists.

The workshop is highly interactive and consists of a combination of diagnostics, discussion and coaching. The areas we explore with participants include their career motivators, their strengths and their impact. They work on their strengths-based career development plan and leave the workshop with a clear idea of what they need to do and any gaps they may need to fill.

The difference the workshop makes

Attendance at the workshop is voluntary. Word-of-mouth feedback is so good that it has always been well attended. The results and impact so far include:

Participants understand, in practical terms, what they can do themselves to manage their careers
They each have a career plan that they feel motivated by
Managers are impressed by the quality of the plans and the participants’ readiness to take ownership of their careers

What some of the participants have said about the workshop

“I was confused and didn’t know how to approach managing my own career. This workshop has shown me the way.”
“A fresh approach to career management.”
“The coaches know their stuff and created a supportive environment – it was hugely helpful.”

The client’s feedback:

“This is a very forward thinking approach to career management. It incorporates latest thinking as well as a practical approach. The result has been an engaged group of people who are taking ownership of their own careers.”

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Connect with us.

+44 (0) 7721 000095
twitter: Engaging__Minds