“the strengths approach has been a revelation”

The goals

Morrisons wanted to revamp their entire recruitment process to enable them to recruit people who could deliver high customer service standards and help them to improve their customer service ratings. Meeting customer expectations, valuing their people, growing sales and managing costs were all central to their strategy. Building brand loyalty through their people as well as their products was key.

Operating in an increasingly competitive sector and their ambitious programme of ‘store of the future’ openings meant that they needed to be confident they were recruiting the best people on an ongoing basis. They had to be certain that they could recruit large numbers of excellent people who could deliver on the brand promise.

In addition, Morrisons are committed to investing in their people and their goal is to be recognised as one of the best employers in the country. Their view is that introducing strengths-based recruitment (SBR) into the company would be one of a number of changes that would help them to achieve that goal.

What we did

We identified the ‘DNA’ of Morrisons’ best people and created a ‘Strengths and Motivator Profile’ that described the people who really excelled in their jobs. We also worked with Morrisons to review and adapt their recruitment process and documentation to ensure that it supported the recruitment of people with the right strengths for the job. We rewrote their recruitment advertisements to make it much easier for the right candidates to recognise themselves in the adverts and be drawn to apply.

The SBR approach had to be rolled out quickly to their stores in the UK. We ran training and train-the-trainer programmes so that Morrisons could roll out the SBR approach to all their stores. And we supported the trainers with the first six pilot programmes in a coaching capacity to help build their confidence in ‘going it alone’.

The difference we made

The SBR approach was piloted in a new store that opened in spring 2012. All new staff for the store were recruited against the strengths profile. In mystery shopper visits all the new recruits were found to be excellent. Hiring managers reported that they find it much easier to spot the right person for the job and they are very happy with the quality of their new recruits.

The client has told us that the SBR approach been a revelation. Of the people who have been trained and are using SBR not one has said it isn’t working. Their feedback is that they can make the right decisions and their managers are saying ‘where did you get these people from they are great’, Also they have told us that the process is so much more interesting and engaging so people enjoy it. And now senior managers report that when they visit the stores they can tell who has been recruited using SBR as their service stands out a mile.

The client’s feedback

“We worked with Engaging Minds to introduce strengths-based recruitment into Morrisons. The project has made a real difference to our business and our ability to recruit the right people for us. If you want to make a project work contact Engaging Minds. Their approach, methodology and support is second to none. They are 100% committed, genuinely care and get great results. It has been a real pleasure working with them.”
Melissa McClure, Retail Resourcing Manager, Morrisons

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