Sally Bibb's new book The Strengths Book: Discover How to be Fulfilled in Your Work and in Life is OUT NOW!

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The Strengths Book: Discover How to be Fulfilled in Your Work and in Life — the NEW book by Sally Bibb, founding Director of Engaging Minds — AVAILABLE NOW!

Sally Bibb’s new book The Strengths Book: Discover How to be Fulfilled in Your Work and in Life makes the revolutionary ‘strengths approach’, tried and tested in top companies and organisations, available to EVERYONE!

The secret to life-long happiness is out!
James Darley, Director of Strategic Alliances, Teach First

This book could change your life.
Nigel Russell, Distribution Manager, BBC

It’s human nature to focus more on our weaknesses because we are programmed to be alert to risks in our environment. We end up focusing on what isn’t working, often overshadowing all the positives. But what if you focused on and played to your strengths instead? This practical and succinct book will help you to identify what exactly makes you happy, so that you will make the right choices; decide whether a job, activity or course is right for you; and understand why things seem to flow with some activities and some people, and not others. Knowing these things about yourself, and spending more time on what really energises and fulfils you – your strengths – will ultimately lead to a happier and more successful life.

The Strengths Book is for ANYONE who wants to be happier or more fulfilled. You might be at a major turning point or facing some important decisions like what to study or what career path to take. Or, you might simply be interested in getting more out of your life and work. If you haven’t yet experienced the power of exploring your strengths, this book is for you. It’s also for people who want to help others find greater happiness and fulfilment:

  • It’s a tool for coaches to give to their coaching clients
  • It’s for teachers to give to their students
  • It’s for careers officers to help young people make decisions about their future
  • It’s for parents who want to help their children to be fulfilled and happy

The Strengths Book is OUT in The Concise Advice Series by LID Publishing. Buy from Amazon worldwide NOW!

BUY the book from
BUY the book from

Praise for Sally Bibb’s The Strengths Book

The secret to life-long happiness is out, now everyone can discover what a few business leaders and geeky psychologists have known for generations. The queen of strengths has done it again, delivering a simple way for us all to identify our own strengths and apply that knowledge to our professional and personal lives. Thank you Sally – a ‘must read’ for EVERYONE!

James Darley, Director of Strategic Alliances, Teach First

“This book gives a refreshingly simple, yet powerful, new way to think about your life and what you’re suited to career-wise. It’s the sort of book that anyone, from a young student to a retired person could benefit from. Understanding and playing to our strengths makes such sense and is so much more motivating than fixating on our weaknesses. This book could indeed change your life.”

Nigel Russell, Distribution Manager, BBC

“Anyone trying to work out what type of job they would excel at, and would be most happy doing, should give this a read. I would thoroughly recommend Sally’s book to anyone who wants to feel energised, motivated and fulfilled in their professional and personal lives.”

Jay Wright, CEO, Virgin Wines

“This book challenges the idea that we have to be different to be better. In fact, excellence and fulfilment comes from knowing our strengths and being more of ourselves. It’s a no nonsense approach with practical exercises to help you be the best you can be, no matter what your circumstances.”

Faran Johnson, HR Director, HM Courts and Tribunals Service

“This book is full of straightforward and practical advice that people can use to make a real difference in their lives. Knowing what we love and are energised by is the key to a fulfilling career. Knowing their strengths early on could change a young person’s life!”

Ian Shipsey, Associate Head, Department of Physics and Professorial Fellow, St. Catherine’s College, University of Oxford

“The Strengths Book brought a big smile to my face!  It is an encouraging and very positive read with lots of practical tests and quick fixes. A real confidence booster with a refreshingly optimistic view of workplace relationships!”

Philip Kucharski, Chief Operating Officer, International Chamber of Commerce

“Many societies, businesses and education systems define success in narrow ways and put enormous pressure on people to achieve it. This book gives an important and inspiring alternative point of view. It encourages people to value their strengths whatever they may be, and it offers clear, practical advice on how to identify and play to them.”

Emily Evans, Chief Executive, The Economist Educational Foundation

“Whether you are just embarking on your career, already managing a large established team or looking for support with your family and work-life balance, The Strengths Book is a ‘must read’ on your journey of personal development and long-term happiness.”

David Cox, CFO, UBM Americas

“The Strengths Book is a practical and comprehensive guide for anyone looking to lead a fulfilling career that plays to his or her individual strengths. It is also a valuable resource for managers looking to make informed decisions about hiring and team dynamics. Sally Bibb moves quickly from theory to practice, providing illustrative examples as well as a series of exercises and worksheets that help the reader implement her good thinking. Readers will see immediate opportunities to apply Sally’s lessons, which are informed by deep experience working with organizations of all types and scales. In today’s competitive market, finding the right ‘fit’ is vital in fostering successful organizations and a satisfied workforce, and The Strengths Book is sure to become a definitive reference guide on this subject.”

James Robinson, Managing Director, Shanghai, APCO Worldwide

“Whether we’re thinking about our first job or been working for 30 years, in The Strengths Book Sally brings her passion and experience of why strengths matter, deepening our understanding of our own strengths and shining a light towards our true working identity and purpose.”

Iain Wilkie, Senior Partner EY and Founder of The Employers Stammering Network 

The Strengths Book is a book that everyone can benefit from, no matter what stage of life you are at. Starting from the standpoint of identifying and using our strengths as our most valuable ally, Sally Bibb distils this learning into a series of practical steps that can be applied to all areas of our work and home life. Using a series of simple and yet thought-provoking exercises, this book equips the reader with an armoury of new knowledge personal to them and is a publication that I shall be revisiting on frequent occasions to enhance my working practice and deepen my work and personal relationships.”

James Williams, Managing Director, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 

“This book is very ‘liberating’ and energising, as we have all spent years in corporate life trying to work on our weaknesses which drains you and makes you feel very vulnerable, unfulfilled and ultimately frustrated!

The book is stimulating and practical – it’s both a handbook and a workbook. It’s also relevant for the whole age spectrum. If you are in your 50s you have a way to reset yourself quickly, whereas if you’re a millennial you don’t want to waste time in your life trying to work on the weaknesses. This book will take you straight to your strengths.”

Louise English, Head of Customer Research and Insight, DixonsCarphone

“When I came across the strengths-based approach it was like a light going on for me, and I’ve been interested ever since. This book is a very accessible introduction to the idea, and it’s such an intuitive concept that it’s probably all you need.

It can make us think differently about where we are in our working lives and our direction of travel; about what how we might specialise and feel some fulfilment and renewed confidence at the same time.

But it’s a great mind set to understand as a manager, too. Our staff spend about half their waking life at work with us. As managers, we have responsibilities in relation to people’s welfare just as we do for their work. This approach can help us with both. It can help the people we work beside feel fulfilled and confident, and therefore engaged and productive.”

Simon Coote, Head of Implementation – Enterprise and Skills Review, The Scottish Government

“Sally Bibb gets to the heart of what we are all trying to wrestle with in our time constrained, disjointed work lives.

How many times have we focused on jobs, areas or tasks at work where we have little interest, skill or enthusiasm? As a result, it can leave us feeling frustrated, sapped, and diminished.

But how do we know what our strengths are? How do we learn to listen and trust our strengths in order to rediscover our best work self? Look no further.

Don’t we all have strengths that are worth investing in? Invest in yourself now and buy this book… you’ll be stronger and happier for it.

Dan Snell, Founder of Arrival Education

“Everyone has strengths. Sally Bibb’s wonderfully insightful guide will help you discover yours – and in doing, offers [you] the opportunity to transform [your] work and life experiences.”

Denise Wilson OBE, Chief Executive, Hampton-Alexander Review

“This book can help anyone realize their potential in the workplace and find fulfillment in work. The tools presented provide a roadmap to discovering your true self. A ‘must read’ for coaches and mentors.”

Kevin Kahn, Director, Human Resources MANA Products, Inc.

“This is more than a book, it’s a practical guide for anyone interested in defining their brilliant self.”

Albert Tonks, Global Director for People & Culture, Collinson

The Strengths Book launch Sally Bibb October 2017

Sally Bibb and guests at The Strengths Book USA official launch party, WeWork building, Broadway, Manhatten, New York, April 2018. Matthew Bishop, journalist, former Bureau Chief of The Economist and now MD of The Rockefeller Foundation, was our host.
Images of the launch with thanks to Martin Gardner

The Strengths Book launch Sally Bibb October 2017

Sally Bibb and guests at The Strengths Book launch, Foyles, Charing Cross Road, London, October 2017. Stefan Stern, writer and FT columnist, led the panel discussion.
Read about this inspirational launch in Sally’s blog post: Six lessons from a great book launch
Images of the launch with thanks to Martin Gardner

BUY the book from
BUY the book from

And, if you haven’t already seen it, discover Sally’s 2016 book. It is the first published on the topic of strengths-based talent management for organisations. Take a look!


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